A study of the development and doctrines of that movement given initial impetus by Alexander Campbell [et. all] at the inception of the 19th century, and today identified with the body known as the Church of Christ or Christian Church.

Should be taken concurrently with LI 140.  An historical survey and cultural examination of the early civilizations that once flourished in ancient Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, and Rome - terminating with the traditional date for the fall of the Roman Empire (i.e. A.D. 476).

HI 140 and LI 140 will survey the history, culture, and literature of the "ancient" period of Western Civilization, focusing on those city-states and "empires" which had the greatest influence in forming the basis of what is now known as "Western Civilization."  

An independent study with close teacher supervision designed to teach the student how to research and write high-quality historical essays.  The final grade will represent an evaluation of the finished product.