An introductory survey of issues pertaining to Christian leadership designed to help students understand their role as Christian leaders by laying a Scriptural foundation and exploring various practical aspects of leadership in the church.  The course provides an overview of the nature and mission of the church, personal preparation, spiritual gifts, worship, church leadership, Christian education, counseling and world missions.

An introduction to the principles and practices of preaching.

“Theory and practice in leadership skills with emphasis on communication of vision. Examines leadership in both voluntary and non-voluntary organizations and the development of followership.”


The aim of this course is to introduce you to the field of leadership studies and the communication patterns that enhance interpersonal and corporate success. This course is an in-depth study of the principles of leadership as espoused and lived out by Jesus.  Through lectures, classroom discussion, and projects you will gain an understanding of the roles and functions of communication in leadership development.



2nd semester of Introduction to Ministries