The first semester of a two-semester course that surveys both Christian Historical Theology and Systematic Theology. This semester surveys Christian Historical Theology and the second semester explores Christian Systematic Theology.

An introduction to basic principles of biblical interpretation and secondary resources that aid in the study of the Bible.

This class examines how Christians may live in the contemporary world as people shaped by Scripture. Today Christians find themselves torn between competing worldviews. On the one hand, we are born or move into diverse cultures shaped variously by personal whim, majority consensus, and the powers that be. We are baptized, on the other hand, into a people who live by a different standard—the reign of God. In this class we use the compass of Scripture to help us navigate a world of competing allegiances while faithfully bearing witness to God’s reign.

A test by which we evaluate how well we are teaching students basic biblical and theological content.

This is a test we give incoming Freshmen and outgoing Seniors to guage how well we have taught them to read and interpret Scripture.