This course is an introductory study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society, particularly societies in the West. Sociological tools will be applied to issues concerning Christians.

A survey of the expansion of Christianity from its beginning to the present time. Geography, as well as the lives, ministries, and theologies of representative figures are studied in depth.

This course is set up in two parts. The first seven weeks, we will cover topics chronologically. The following weeks, we will cover global areas of Christianity topically. The reason the course is set up this way is because Christianity eventually loses its center of gravity. Christianity grows in various pockets around the world, and takes on the unique flavors of new contexts. We will focus on how missionary activity in individual regions began and flourished and weaned at different points in their respective histories, as well as take on a thematic approach covering the themes of perseverance, (post)colonialism, gender, conversion, ecclesiology, (non)violence, and the Missio Dei.