This course will provide students with an overview of theory and research in the major areas of contemporary psychology.

This course will examine all the major counseling theories and connect the theories with corresponding and applicable techniques and interventions.  Students will sharpen their counseling skills through class discussion, observation, case studies, and role-playing.

An advanced study of various types of individuals, couples, and families in moments of crisis with a review of appropriate and effective intervention techniques.

This course teaches the basic and most commonly used methods of psychological testing and assessment. This will include learning about the process of measuring variables within the psychological field of study using devices and/or procedures. There will be a focus on understanding the process of determining the reliability and validity of these tests. Students will study ways how tests and measurements are used in the areas of intelligence, education, personality psychology, counseling and neuropsychological evaluations. A closer look will also be taken on how culture interplays with any testing procedure and value.